OCN NI Centre Handbook

OCN NI Centre Handbook

OCN NI is introducing its new Centre Handbook from the 1st August 2015 which outlines our processes and will assist Centres meet OCN NI’s compliance requirements. The Handbook provides guidance on course management, registration, assessment, internal verification, external verification, certification, course evaluation and maintaining centre recognition.

Key features 
OCN NI has initiated a few minor changes to further strengthen the way we work with Centres in meeting compliance to the regulatory conditions.

With the introduction of the new Handbook, Centres will be asked to more clearly illustrate to OCN NI how they plan assessment and internal verification.

  • Centres will now be required to have in place an assessment plan and IV plan for each qualification or endorsed course they are approved to deliver or seeking approval to deliver. If you have any queries relating to the submission of your assessment and internal verification plans please contact your Business Development Adviser. 

Under a review of Direct Claims, Centres which are consistently meeting compliance and quality requirements may be eligible for Direct Claim status for approved qualifications or endorsed courses.
In order to encourage self-assessment of the effectiveness of qualification delivery, OCN NI will require centres to submit a simple evaluation statement for each qualification they are approved to deliver. This will relate to registration, retention and achievement figures and will be submitted annually by centres as part of our compliance arrangements.

The handbook has been developed to help guide Centre staff through OCN NI processes and procedures, to explain the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of the way we operate and to direct them to the additional support OCN NI can offer.

The Centre Handbook will become active from the 1st August 2015. Please ensure this is disseminated to relevant staff.

Click here to download the OCN NI Centre Handbook 

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Thank you for your assistance.
Simon Hamilton
Compliance and Audit Manager