Delivery and Assessment 2020/2021 under the Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (ERF) 

For the 20/21 academic year government’s intention is that where assessments can continue to take place under normal conditions, provided these are in a safe manner, centres should continue to do so. OCN NI anticipate that many courses will face compressed teaching time and that there will be a need to maximise the time that is available. Where assessments and qualifications cannot be delivered as they normally would, OCN NI is now developing guidance to help centres mitigate disruption to delivery and assessment so that, as far as possible, learners taking VTQs including Essential Skills qualifications, have the opportunity to receive a fair result and are not disadvantaged by the longer term impacts of the pandemic. 

OCN NI VTQ Qualification Adaptation Guidance

OCN NI Essential Skills Qualification Adaptation Guidance

OCN NI Covid-19 Communications to Centres