OCN NI Level 1 Award in Employability Skills

There has been an increasing demand from employers in recent years for training that focuses on the development of generic, transferable work skills. The workforce of today needs to be adaptable, flexible and willing to learn. Hence, the issue of employability skills is high on the national education and training agenda.

Qualifications’ Aim

The OCN NI Level 1 Award and Certificate in Employability Skills have been designed to provide learners with a range of employability skills that are key to preparing them for the workplace.

Qualifications’ Objectives

The objectives of the qualifications are to assist learners in acquiring the skills, attributes and behaviours that are needed to enter and succeed in the world of work. 

The qualifications provide flexibility and choice in the delivery of units, providing learners with the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in the areas most relevant to them.



Qualification Code
Review date
Min age
Level 1
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