OCN NI Level 2 Award in Digital Skills for Life and Work

Qualifications’ Aim

The suite of OCN NI Level 2 Awards in Digital Skills for Life and Work encompasses the following qualifications:

®     Digital Skills for Life and Work

®     Using Devices and Handling Information

®     Being Safe and Responsible Online

®     Using Technology to Create and Edit Information

®     Communicating and Collaborating using Technology

®     Using Technology to Carry Out Online Transactions

The aim of these qualifications is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to perform common work and personal information technology processes and functions.

Qualifications’ Objectives

The objectives of the suite of OCN NI Level 2 Awards in Digital Skills for Life and Work qualifications are designed to enable learners to develop the knowledge and skills in order to :

  •          update digital devices
  •          use technology to find and evaluate information
  •          manage and store digital information
  •          fix common information technology problems
  •          protect own privacy online and data while using technology
  •          behave responsibly online and maintain own digital wellbeing
  •          create and edit information using information technology applications
  •          communicate, share and collaborate safely
  •          use online services safely


Qualification Code
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