OCN NI Level 5 Award in Lecturers into Industry

Qualification Aim

In order that learners in further and higher education are better prepared for the demands of the modern-day workplace, it is important that their lecturers’ skills and knowledge reflect current industry practice.

The OCN NI Level 5 Award in Lecturers into Industry qualification will enable the lecturer to gain a qualification to recognise the skills and knowledge they have gained through industry placement. The qualification will also recognise lecturers’ ability to disseminate these skills and knowledge throughout their own institution, understand the value of continued professional development and know how to undertake the planning, participation in and reporting on formal industrial placements.

Qualification Objectives

The objectives of the qualification are to understand and be able to:

  •          research and present a proposal for an industry placement
  •          participate in an industry placement
  •          report on an industry placement
  •          disseminate information to key stakeholders

Lecturers will be required to undertake an industry placement of at least 35 hours.


Qualification Code
Review date
Min age
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