The OCN NI Certificates have been designed with a high standard of advanced security creating a ‘currency effect’ for our certificates.

This currency effect means that there is a greater awareness of the security in our certificates ensuring that they are more secure and fraud is prevented. Some of the security features on our certificates include:

  • Unique, controd-supply genuine watermark paper.
  • Secure holographic visual deterrent giving extra protection from illegal counterfeiting.
  • Branded overprint of the hologram, personalising it with your branding.
  • Personalised, complex graphics using banknote-level security.
  • Multi-coloured micro-numismatic UV.
  • Unique anti-alteration technology to prevent illegal alteration

Our Certificates also incorporate a specisalist QR code based verification system. QR codes are printed onto certificates, or embedded into eCertificates (more info below) which enable providers, employers, and other parties to authenticate an OCN NI Certificate using a smart-phone or other mobile device with a QR reader. 

Our eCertificates are enabled with the specialist QR based verification, and also come with added password protection (eCertificates can be accessed via QuartzWeb).

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