Qualification Development

Qualification Development

OCN NI offers a wide range of nationally accredited qualifications across a broad number of sector areas from entry level up to level 5 which are available to assist you in growing your business and enhancing your workforce.

We can help you to develop accredited qualifications from existing training courses or from the initial stages of development that are flexible and responsive to learner needs. Our specialist team will assist you with qualification content and structure and ensure that the qualification/s you design will meet the requirements of CCEA Regulation.

What are the benefits of having national accreditation?

  • Helps improve productivity by motivating employees and learners to better engage in the development of their own skills
  • The qualification/s can be tailor-made to suit the needs of learners, employers and the community
  • It supports the development of a skilled workforce for an industry sector
  • Promotes an individual’s health and wellbeing and sense of achievement through attainment of nationally recognised qualifications
  • It offers progression opportunities for learners
  • Better opportunities are provided for learners in the labour market both in terms of upskilling and progression
  • There is a level of assurance that learner skills quality meets national standards
  • It provides greater confidence in the market place
  • It helps support requests for funding
  • Learners receive a nationally recognised certificate endorsed by CCEA Regulation and OFQUAL

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