OCN NI Level 1 Certificate In Employability Skills

There has been an increasing demand from employers in recent years for training that focuses on the development of generic, transferable work skills. The workforce of today needs to be adaptable, flexible and willing to learn. Hence, the issue of employability skills is high on the national education and training agenda.

 The OCN NI Level 1 Award and Certificate in Employability Skills  Qualifications:

 Ø  meet the needs of employers for qualifications that cultivate a positive attitude to work and develop essential work skills and behaviours such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving;

Ø  build confidence and self-esteem so that learners are empowered to apply for, secure and sustain meaningful employment;

Ø  provide the opportunity to develop an understanding of relationships in the workplace and employer expectations;

Ø  encourage the development of values, personal attributes and interpersonal skills that contribute to success in the workplace; 


Qualification Code
Review date
Min age
16 +
Level 1
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