OCN NI Level 2 Diploma in Wet Trades

5.2 Building and Construction

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Individual Units

Individual Units
Apply Plastering Materials to Exterior Surfaces L2 15 Credits View
Apply Plastering Materials to Interior Surfaces L2 10 Credits View
Constructing Cavity Walling L2 13 Credits View
Constructing Solid Walling, Isolated and Attached Piers L2 15 Credits View
Fix Dry Lining and Plasterboard to Interior Surfaces L2 8 Credits View
Health and Safety in the Wet Trades Industry L2 7 Credits View
Laying Sand and Cement Floor Screeds L2 8 Credits View
Preparing and Setting Out Masonry Structures L2 7 Credits View
Preparing Backgrounds for Wall and Floor Tiling L2 13 Credits View
Set Out and Build Masonry Cladding L2 7 Credits View
Tiling Floor Surfaces L2 11 Credits View
Tiling Wall Surfaces L2 8 Credits View
Understand Building Construction Materials and Methods L2 7 Credits View

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